Avoiding Thought At Any Cost

by Beer and Pretzels

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released December 1, 2004


all rights reserved



Beer and Pretzels Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

A combination of genres; a combination of noises. Come to a show and check it out!

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Track Name: HxA!
Track Name: Twist the Knife
don't bother speaking to me
I'm only wasting your time
I'm destined to die alone
for loving you is such a crime
you say you're sorry
I say "fuck your apology!"
your kiss is venomous
and sucks the live out of me (go!)
twisting the knife jammed into my
heartfelt feelings of you
if I'm going out of my mind
I'm bringing you down with me too
Track Name: Dreaming of Reality
dreaming of reality
what has become of me
tried to live fantasies
there is something wrong with me
Track Name: The Only Way Out of a Paper Bag is by Drinking What's Inside
he who's rich is one who steals
driving a metal box on wheels
she who rules all carries a knife
running fingernails down the chalkboard of life
dim the lights to dim the mind
no one left is one of a kind
if insanity is all you can pitch
how can the genie grant your wish?
so, go sit in traffic
and learn mathematics
(so) you can say, "paper or plastic?"
with a smile on your face
Track Name: A Right Turn in the Wrong Direction
put the television on mute
and create your own perception
calculating the climax of insanity
piling up nonsense
it's an unimpressive collection
much like making a right turn
in the wrong direction
pepsi is the same as coca-cola
when you're hammering nails into the sofa bed
Track Name: Gerard Depar-don't
we're all in prison but you're in jail
once again your plans have failed
the toilet loves to overflow
your cellmate loves to shed his clothes
upside down
kill me now
are you naked? are you smart?
are you sexy? that's a start
close your eyes you'll get revenge
close your eyes to see your friends
upside down
kill me now
dig pig
Track Name: Save Yourself
nothing lasts forever
and neither does this world
if you torture a dog
you'll be bitten
if you step on a be
you'll be stung
this never-ending power trip
will be the end of us
don't count your pennies
spend them while you can (save yourself)
you're about to witness
the end of all we have (save yourself)
don't stick around
to see it all go down (save yourself)
we're all gonna die
(save yourself, save yourself)
the food has been prepared
the shelters have been packed
prepare yourself for genocide
we knew this wouldn't last
by annihilating others
we've annihilated ourselves
pack your bags, say good bye
this shit's about to go down
look out we're gonna die
save yourself
and everyone knows why
save yourself from yourself
make them go away
keep out of what you don't belong
read a book, make a change
it doesn't have to be the same
we have the dollars to be smarter than we are
save yourself
Track Name: Ashes to Ashes
take back all that you've done
we've been attacked
do you think war will solve that?
ok, go after the perpetrators
we don't need your holy war
we don't need your lies
you sent our troops so they can fucking die
you can't take that back
everything you said was a lie
take what you want, full of greed
you cannot stop us from thinking for ourselves
for what you've done you'll pay the price
stupidity is insanity
don't think it will last long
a leader is supposed to
know right from wrong
stop it now
don't kill us
don't make sense
go die now
but now we're sleeping
dreaming of what could have been
you are lazy
avoiding thought at any cost
Track Name: Refrigerator
expired meat is turning green
the grapes look like pinto beans
you'll get sick when you step in the house
did something die here? a cat? a mouse?
my refrigerator died
the stench is bad, it could kill a man
so I ran to the bathroom and checked my pants
the pungent stench in the air
made a fog so corroded
left for a week, came back to this
holy shit! the fridge exploded!
my refrigerator died