Cowboy Lotion

by Beer and Pretzels

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In black and white, we are all but rust. Moving forward? If we must. You can't fight city hall, but you can hope Someday that it will crumble to the ground. In a dream, I saw a city invincible. But overnight, the dream became a nightmare. We buried this city under stratified layers of garbage. The only solution was to set it all ablaze. I want someone to smash the sun. Pale the skin and end the fun. They will swim across the river or They will sink to the bottom.
What did you didn't say? Everyone is listening in. Don't go outside. You won't escape if you try. Through the keyhole are a billion wandering eyes. You can take a shower, but you won't feel clean. When I die, I want my tombstone to be magnetic. A door is a privilege. There is no escape.
I'm having such a bad day. I laid a curse on myself. And I will never be chosen Over someone else. Yeah, it's hard. So hard. Throw all your things in the fire. You won't need them anymore. And soon you will find out What I've been waiting for. The more that you know, The less you're going to like it. If I could get it in my hands, Then I would know everything.
Can you hate something you don’t truly understand? What gives you the right to condemn a man? What’s one more innocent laid to rest? Wave your flag in conquest, For popularity you confessed. Tear down borders, rip down walls. The idea of invisible borders is they’re nothing at all. Open a book, take what’s inside. If knowledge is power, why have so many died? How can we prepare for the future as the present falls apart? As humans do we care, or were we just doomed from the start? Distance yourself from wasted ideology. Retake, remake your life with blatant honesty. Honestly I think we have failed as a race to continue our own humanity. Indeed history is written, written by those who want to be remembered, Not those we should. We’ve lied lied... LIED to ourselves for far too long. Start looking back on our few precious minutes of history. How will you remember how are you remembered? It’s never the way you want. They’ll never tell you the truth. Intelligence does makes you dangerous. Knowledge makes the flock stray. Now leave the herd.
Is your heart healthy enough for sex? (I think so) Well, you're about to find out. I've got a PH.D. You can visit me anytime. The doctor is in. He is a real M.D. with every std. Shit, the doctor is in. There's no need to schedule an appointment. I'm always on call. (dial 911) I am pasteurized. I am homogenized. I am chilled and packed with vitamin D. He kept a bass guitar next to the sundry jars. Fuck, the doctor is in. That's a cool guitar. What about that one? That's a bass, mom! Gonorrhea! Hepatitis!
Axe Mountain 03:33
Hold the hammer by the end to drive the nail. Trace the lines of the painting. Soap will wash most dirt away. I'm not listening to signals that indicate that something is wrong. I'm sorry, but it's hopeless now. A thick coat of black paint covered all. I know all the people I need to know. What can you do to satisfy your greed? It's after midnight and you can't find what you need. I'll be your rock bottom, baby. I can change your life. I'll be your rock bottom, baby. I can save your life.
Future Read 03:42
When you were dumped onto this sphere. When they looked at you. Could they tell what you would be or what you would do? A lazy genius or a working fool. Is this really the best I can do? There is no hope, you see. The future is looking grim. The future was here before you were born. Too straight for freaks. Too weird for the squares. Keep working hard because everyone cares. Can you learn the secret rules or will your mind scream, "Cancel me!"?
All over America, a quiet revolution is taking place. There is no difference between giving a shit and taking a shit. Don't forget to flush. Right about now you’re gonna find out That your calling’s been a wrong number. Be a true creator or regurgitator. No one cares ‘til you’re put in the ground. Grab the cookie cutter; play it like the others. Same band with a hundred different names. Never find success; make it through the mess. Get out now while you still have the chance. Set them up just to knock them down. Will choices and selections stimulate the economy? We will see. Sell me a brand that's synonymous with failure, Because a future without pigs is not a life worth living to me.
What is in your blood? The minutes between minutes keep ticking away. So, what is in your blood? Fueling the rain. Drink freely from the cup. I have no money. I pick you up. He was afraid to get his own water.


released December 26, 2018

All songs written and performed by Kashetta/Updegrove/Wertman/Wright.
“Susquehanna” written by Kashetta/McClain/Updegrove/Weisser/Wertman/Wright.
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Alexander Paul at Double-A-Productions, Elysburg, PA.
Bass tracks recorded, and final limits, track transitions and CD alignment by Kashetta at Kashtronic, Selinsgrove, PA.
Produced by Beer and Pretzels.
Cover art: Kashetta/Wertman/Wright
Horse’s ass: Wright
Coloring/Publishing: Kashetta

Beer and Pretzels is:
Jon Kashetta - guitars, xylophone, tambourine
Joshua Updegrove - drums, percussion
Jon Wertman - bass guitars, “horns”
Chad Wright - guitars, synthesizer, hammond organ
All contribute vocals.
instagram: @ihatebeerandpretzels
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Beer and Pretzels Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

A combination of genres; a combination of noises. Come to a show and check it out!

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