I Said

by Beer and Pretzels

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Ambivalence 01:48
The scene is dead It needs a shot in the arm Through social networking We've forgotten how to be ourselves I've got an acoustic and a case of PBR I'll put all my faith in a beat-up ride and hope it gets me far And it'll drive all the noiseheads fucking crazy I can play anywhere I want And they'll all think I'm fucking lazy Reduce your carbon footprint, asshole
Enemataco 05:44
One man one man alone One man one man at arms When your eyes go astray You can read my thoughts Think before I speak? I never will! Feed me trash and keep me awake I'll say anything if the pizza never stops When your lungs go ashtray The addiction never stops If you're so smart Why aren't you rich? Oh there he is! That sixth guy He turned the corner and ran away He ran away Just give me the knife So I can read your thoughts I'm scanning you I want to hear it
She's out among the competition and the stakes are high Do you want to go for a ride? Do you want to leave this town? There are no pitstops on the road ahead We'll cross the Mason-Dixon line Be you real, or be you pixel? Because an image like this is too good to be true Provided not the slightest clue And you will do the things you wish you wouldn't And you will drink from the fountain of pudding
I Said 06:06
I saw a car on fire on my way home through gridlock, yesterday The flames were black and rising I dreamt I was waling the streets of a city, a city which I've never been It was fifty-five degrees and snowing If I'm awake, tell me what is left There's a lot of money invested in death Well, I said, and I said, whoa, I said It takes a man to do this shit To make a lot of noise that no one hears If I'm alive, please tell me Well, I said "How can anyone understand you when no one hears a word that you say?"
Be safe and hide in your own mind The world could slip between your lips and bash your face against its hips Take a picture If we all became psychic, weirdness would not exist But for now they have to pry Take a picture If they had your thoughts it would blow their minds Dropping dead from the shock to the system Nice time for a bike ride Dog food Mountain range Radiation Fire hall I'm a spaceman In my mind How high can bugs fly? Get out of the way! Reach out and touch no one You are all alone I put the sea shell up to my ear Ocean sounds are not all that I hear "I wish that I could be with you every day" Some creatures have a lot to say
Honeychugger 06:04
Cue the melody Life's not a sweet as you thought it could be Lather, rinse, and repeat Drowning in greed, a man on the street is handed a receipt It's in the oil that you eat Sludge-thick and closer to the heart Isn't it strange how we vote for change? Then we're out in the streets begging for it Cold hard cash speaks volumes Merit will get you nothing Trust fund Who do you think you are? This is not a joke!
Time's up! What's that burning smell? My life is an empty page So, why don't you scribble something on it? Soundtrack to a midlife crisis Locks into the groove It's not fair! Have I died and gone to hell? My life is an empty page So, why don't you scribble something on it? Display it on the fridge with magnets Or throw it in the trash Do you remember me? Hand me a stack of papers Written in a language That I don't understand Wake up every morning Trudging through cans It's strange to change from One water to another
Do you have people That you trust completely? I only trust ugly people I only trust ugly In my head, I am a ghost I am a Gothic teenager It wasn't always this way But I have learned That all men live for revenge They want your life Have you even thought about The repercussions of your actions No! That's what's great about being a maniac! Will the fan above me fall and Chop me into a million pieces No! You'll drop dead of a massive heart attack! Just like that. I live a möbius strip of adventure I need more fireworks in my life 25 years of channel surfin' All this time working toward nothing So, I'll spin around in circles until I fall down And smash my compass on the ground Whenever I'm at work I have to say, "Thank you" It's not out of gratitude I'm thanking myself For not... Click here for a terrific offer It's totally free We are so serious This will change your life Click here for a terrific offer Start the surveillance They are watching Please help me! Even though we haven't talked in so long It feels like we haven't missed a beat Get in the car and drive far away What ever happened to waking up and facing the day? Another box fan summer has come and gone We police the streets although the crime has won There is no cure at the bottom of the bottle But under the cap, it reads, "Please try again." We are here to create, not merely survive.


"I Said" is the culmination of 7 years of shows, personnel changes, hiatuses, reunions, and song writing. Consider it a "soundtrack to a mid-life crisis". Beer and Pretzels is back with a bang.

We are online: www.beerandpretzels.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/beerandpretzels
Instagram: @ihatebeerandpretzels
Email: beerandpretzels@gmail.com

For a downloadable/printable lyric booklet and full CD artwork, download the full album from HERE!

We are here to create, not merely survive.

Thank you.


released October 21, 2015

Most instruments recorded live in eight hours on January 11, 2015 at Casa de Jaja, Mechanicsburg, PA by Jon Kashetta and Eric Pugh. Additional recording from January to August 2015 by Jon Kashetta and Eric Pugh at Casa de Jaja, Mechanicsburg, PA. Horns recorded by Jon Kashetta at Trinity Lutheran Church, Valley View, PA. Mixed and mastered by Jon Kashetta in Lancaster, PA. Produced by Jon Kashetta, Jon Wertman, and Eric Pugh.

Cover art by Jon Wertman. Sleeve art illustration by Chad Wright. Sleeve art coloring by Jon Kashetta. Speaker photo by Jon Kashetta. All artwork scanning and cleanup by Jon Kashetta. Catering by Catherine N. Jackson

All songs written and performed by Beer and Pretzels:
Jon Kashetta - guitars (electric and classical acoustic), vocals
Eric Pugh - drums, percussion, vocals
Jon Wertman - bass guitar, vocals, upright bass, keyboards, iPad
Chad Wright - vocals, guitars (electric and steel-string acoustic)

All members contribute a guitar solo to “Every Thing is a Camera". A Whirlpool 50-pint dehumidifier provides harmony vocals on “Six West Forever”. Trumpet and horn arrangements on “I Said”, “Every Thing is a Camera”, and “Honeychugger” by Brian Beissel. Group shouts by Beer and Pretzels.


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Beer and Pretzels Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

A combination of genres; a combination of noises. Come to a show and check it out!

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